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Update #2 12. Juli 2013 Version: 0.5.2
Added Neue Funktionen
walk/run movement (affects sounds and weapon accuracy)
casing and ejection smoke effects to weapon
post-processing effects to settings
"v-sync" toggle option to settings
audio volume and mute option to settings
light flashes on metal impact effects
subconscious impulse
Updated Änderungen
weapon gun model is affected by hip aiming, zooming and movement speeds (multiplayer)
short wait period (0.5s) after spawn before you can shoot
mouse sensitivity in settings to a broader selectable range
so only the tonemapping and bloom post-process effects are on by default (performance)
the red dot to be slightly smaller
the IM logo in menu to include the Early Access update number
level camera so it respects the post-processing effects from settings
level camera to change positions in half the time
Fixed Fehlerbehebungen
"game crashes when using FRAPS and starting game"
Steam exception thrown on quit
"ODD warning doesn't show in OSX"
"cannot bind Shift and other modifier keys"
so bindings are not overwritten if already bound during load
"bindings are reset to default when not bound"
"sometimes weapon fires a bunch of bullets on spawn"
"if firing while going to a menu, the weapon doesn't stop firing"
"if holding fire while reloading the weapon doesn't start firing when reloading ends"
"settings button still selected when going from intro to menu"
the buggy helmet occlusion prototype


Update #1 5. Juli 2013 Version: 0.5.1
Added Neue Funktionen
Tastenzuweisung eingefügt
Multiplayer mit bis zu 16 Spielern
Regen ist nun in den Umweltzyklen veränderbar
sprinkler prototype to Sandbox
Updated Änderungen
5:4 und 4:3 Auflösungen sind in den Einstellungen auswählbar
all input help to reflect the key/mouse bindings
the master server listing to refresh more often
the rain-detection on the marine (helmet + sounds) to be much more accurate
Arch, Rupture and Mainline with rain
rain FX on helmet with smaller droplets to make it more realistic
rain environment sounds on Rupture (thunder and foggy/grey environment states)
the Quit button so it's slightly more visible
Fixed Fehlerbehebungen
"you can aim/suicide/toggle helmet while in menu"


Early Access Launch auf Steam 2. Juli 2013 Version: 0.5.0
Added Neue Funktionen
a new and improved marine network smoothing model
physics-based extrapolation of players when net updates exhausted
momentum transfer of velocity on marine death to ragdolls
new main menu system with support for arbitrary maps/modes
Unterstützung des "Presentations Modus" (Co-op Poster)
Unterstützung der Umweltzyklen im Singleplayer-Modus
"co-op poster" scene from Steam marketing campaign
Befehlszeile eingefügt um bestimmten Servern beizutreten: (connect=<ip>)
Soziale Netzwerke-Buttons im Hauptmenü hinzugefügt
new IM logo icon to executable
a few more spawnpoints to Megalodon
normal maps to all terrains
specular maps to concrete floors
level camera overlay to match intro cinematic look and feel
reverb to all buildings on Mainline and Mainline Winter
blocking volumes to prevent marines from getting stuck on Mainline and Mainline Winter
Updated Änderungen
Vervollständigung des Projekts zur veröffentlichung auf Steam
network with major refactor overhaul (data throughput down by 25-30%)
so marines do not collide with "debris" objects (ragdolls, weapons)
so all menus are skipable with [ESCAPE]
toggle scores in multiplayer with [TAB]
and changed all references from "Deadlock" to "Interstellar Marines"
entire development pipeline to facilitate easy and painless building to Steam
so servers gracefully kick idling users
entire marine networking code to facilitate new futures in near future
so marine physics starts updating as soon as they are spawned
entire project to better handle floating point inaccuracies on long-running instances
so "early access" warning is skipped if command line options was specified
intro cinematic and menus with the new logo
so [U] also hides watermark
UI help to correctly reflect current game mode
spawnpoints and door collisions on all maps
"Combat Range 01" to Rupture
image effects with more realistic bloom and lensflares
Mainline with major vegetation overhaul and terrain texturing
Operations with new sublevels and tunnels to create alternate routes
weather crane with stadium-like artificial lensflares
so marine isn't automatically spawned in singleplayer (spectator)
Fixed Fehlerbehebungen
"marine physics is not updated while in menu"
marine movement stutter after initial spawning
so teammates are displayed after the player have received a controller
slow performance bug in singleplayer that made the game run approximately 10 times slower than in multiplayer
"application crashes on exit in Windows"
bug where players would see newly spawned marines for a split-second before moved to correct location
so the player can't shoot self
"lights not on" Operations in Intro Cinematic
so marines are not smoothed when dead (ragdoll takes over)
so marine animations are updated eventhough a weapon hasn't been instantiated yet
bug where weapon firing would fire all bullets
so UI shows error if failed to connect to clicked server
[ALT]+[F] (toggled fullscreen). Use [ALT]+[ENTER] (Windows) or [CMD]+[F] (Mac)