Since July 2th 2013 Interstellar Marines is availible on Steam Early Access. Now the game cost 13.99€.

Steam Early Access

First PatchnotesEdit

New FeaturesEdit

  • UPDATED: entire project to support standalone builds for Steam
  • ADDED: a new and improved marine network smoothing model
  • ADDED: physics-based extrapolation of players when net updates exhausted
  • ADDED: momentum transfer of velocity on marine death to ragdolls
  • ADDED: new main menu system with support for arbitrary maps/modes
  • ADDED: support for "presentation" mode (co-op poster)
  • ADDED: support for cycling environment modes in singleplayer with [N]
  • ADDED: "co-op poster" scene from Steam marketing campaign
  • ADDED: command line option for connecting to specific server (connect=<ip>)
  • ADDED: social/feedback buttons to main menu


  • UPDATED: network with major refactor overhaul (data throughput down by 25-30%)
  • UPDATED: so marines do not collide with "debris" objects (ragdolls, weapons)
  • UPDATED: so all menus are skipable with [ESCAPE]
  • UPDATED: toggle scores in multiplayer with [TAB]
  • UPDATED: and changed all references from "Deadlock" to "Interstellar Marines"
  • ADDED: new IM logo icon to executable
  • UPDATED: entire development pipeline to facilitate easy and painless building to Steam
  • UPDATED: so servers gracefully kick idling users
  • UPDATED: entire marine networking code to facilitate new futures in near future
  • UPDATED: so marine physics starts updating as soon as they are spawned
  • UPDATED: entire project to better handle floating point inaccuracies on long-running instances
  • UPDATED: so "early access" warning is skipped if command line options was specified
  • UPDATED: intro cinematic and menus with the new logo
  • UPDATED: so [U] also hides watermark
  • UPDATED: UI help to correctly reflect current game mode
  • ADDED: a few more spawnpoints to Megalodon
  • ADDED: normal maps to all terrains
  • UPDATED: spawnpoints and door collisions on all maps
  • RENAMED: "Combat Range 01" to Rupture
  • UPDATED: image effects with more realistic bloom and lensflares
  • UPDATED: Mainline with major vegetation overhaul and terrain texturing
  • UPDATED: Operations with new sublevels and tunnels to create alternate routes
  • UPDATED: weather crane with stadium-like artificial lensflares
  • ADDED: specular maps to concrete floors
  • ADDED: level camera overlay to match intro cinematic look and feel
  • UPDATED: so marine isn't automatically spawned in singleplayer (spectator)
  • ADDED: reverb to all buildings on Mainline and Mainline Winter


  • FIXED: "marine physics is not updated while in menu"
  • FIXED: marine movement stutter after initial spawning
  • FIXED: so teammates are displayed after the player have received a controller
  • FIXED: slow performance bug in singleplayer that made the game run approximately 10 times slower than in multiplayer
  • FIXED: "application crashes on exit in Windows"
  • FIXED: bug where players would see newly spawned marines for a split-second before moved to correct location
  • FIXED: so the player can't shoot self
  • FIXED: "lights not on" Operations in Intro Cinematic
  • FIXED: so marines are not smoothed when dead (ragdoll takes over)
  • FIXED: so marine animations are updated eventhough a weapon hasn't been instantiated yet
  • FIXED: bug where weapon firing would fire all bullets
  • FIXED: so UI shows error if failed to connect to clicked server
  • ADDED: blocking volumes to prevent marines from getting stuck on Mainline and Mainline Winter
  • REMOVED: [ALT]+[F] (toggled fullscreen). Use [ALT]+[ENTER] (Windows) or [CMD]+[F] (Mac)

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